• organization

Director:  Pu Yuepu

Executive Deputy Director: Liu Songyu

Deputy DirectorMi Yongqiang

Deputy Director, Secretary General of Educational Foundation

Li Shuang  Tel: 025-83792305

Deputy Director, Secretary General of Alumni Association

Yao Zhibiao  Tel: 025-83793234

Southeast University Educational Foundation

Integrated Department

Person in Charge: Song Yunyan

Tel: 025-83792305

Scope of Work: Propaganda Work; Online Donation; routine work of board of trustees of SoutheastUniversity and Council of Educational Foundation.

Liaison Department

Person in Charge: Liu Jing

Tel: 025-83790028

Scope of Work: Contact and serve donors; Contact and coordinate other departments of SoutheastUniversity; Contact for agreements signing.

Project Department

Person in Charge: Teng Hang

Tel: 025-83795540

Scope of Work: Project Management; Project Reviewing and Granting; Project feedback.

Overseas Department

Person in Charge: Xu Hongju

Tel: 025-83795540

Scope of Work: Maintain and develop donation resources from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and those from overseas.

Financial Department

Persons in Charge: Gao Shuang, Yao Li

Tel: 025-83793767

Scope of Work: Financial work of Educational Foundation

SoutheastUniversity Alumni Association

Integrated Department

Persons in Charge: Zhang Sabing, Yang Lirong

Tel: 025-83793313

Scope of Work: Alumni database management; Alumni Association website maintenance; publication of Alumni Communication; Planning publicity and reception work on big events of Alumni Association; Documents and profiles of alumni activities arranging.

Liaison Department

Persons in Charge: Cao Jun, Ma Bo

Tel: 025-83790230(Cao), 025-83790230(Ma)

Scope of Work: Contact alumni home and abroad; Consult opinions and suggestions on university development from alumni; Coordinate and cooperate with other departments of SoutheastUniversity.